Fighting for the last breath dog with Jar On Head Laid Down & Started To Suffocate

A group of rescue workers received an atypical call, namely a stray dog stuck in a jar picking up the remains of the food on its head while it could neither eat nor drink and, above all, could not breathe. Fortunately, a chance passer-by noticed the dog and informed the relevant authorities.

As we all know that abandoned dogs do not trust humans, this dog also ran away from the rescue team. Finally, he ran under the bridge, where he remained lying in despair, but still he could not be helped. The rescuers had no choice, they used a human dart, whereupon he continued to struggle and ran into the busy street. Only by sheer luck did he escape the heavy traffic, the rescuers followed him, and finally the anaesthetic began to take effect.

Intoxicated by the sedatives, the dog left it to the rescuers to remove the glass from his head with a special tool.
People who have dogs know how grateful these wonderful creatures can be for every good deed done to them. Today the dog was taken to the safe, warm home of the family of a member of the rescue team. The joy of his first meal, water and a warm home knew no bounds! He was named Lucky.

It would be truly wonderful if this were the only case, but it is not. In a conversation with a member of the rescue team, we learned that a few weeks before this event, the team intervened with another dog who was holding his head for almost two weeks! In a state of distress and desperation, he was found and rescued! Abandoned and abandoned animals are desperate for food and not knowing where to go to put themselves in danger, they give themselves away recklessly and unfortunately often end up in a difficult situation.
It is really not always easy for the rescue team to catch these dogs, they are scared enough of the situation, they don’t want to let anyone get close to them. We appeal to you to be conscientious citizens and dispose of your rubbish well, leave fresh food and water for abandoned dogs instead of open cans, they will be grateful and you will be doing a great good deed.

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