Luhu is the saddest cat in the world, and her lovely pictures will break your heart!

They say “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”, what would you see in the eyes of this wonderful and loving cat called Luhu?
Sadness, right? Luhu has been called “the saddest cat in the world” on the internet, and that’s not true at all, because often appearances can deceive us! Luhu lives with his landlady Maggi Liu and other siblings in Beijing. Of all the others, little Luhu is the only one with a sad face, but his nature is very kind and friendly.

In his warm home, Luhu received all the necessary care from his landlady, special food, lots of toys and above all the greatest affection, which is normal because we always give more attention and love to those who are different or rejected.

The cat Luhu has 143 thousand followers on Instagram, whom she delights every day with an interesting photo and fills their hearts with joy, regardless of her sad expression. Take a look at some of the many photos and vote for your favourite!

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