A pit bull puppy rescued from death meets his rescuer again and stays with him forever!

This is the story of a little Pete Bull puppy saved from certain death thanks to a man whose heart is human and who is greatly admired both in his community and around the world. His name is Joey Wagner, a marine from Nova Scotia by profession. As you can see, his profession says a lot about his humanity, and now he has gone one step further, he has saved this little puppy whose life was in danger.

You see, it’s a disease we call “scabies”, and dog owners who have ever faced this problem know how dangerous and problematic the disease is, especially if no immediate action is taken. The little dog was lucky to be found just in time and taken to the vet where he was treated and fortunately survived.

Because of this luck, which was on his side at the right time, the veterinary team that helped him named him Mojo.
A few days later, Mr Wagner received an unusual phone call from the veterinary team where Mojo was dropped off for recovery and adoption. You see, a friendly team of vets offered Mr Wagner the chance to visit little Moj and adopt him if he was interested!
After the meeting, Mr Wagner had no more dilemma, he immediately agreed, because he could not resist little Moya’s happiness, his happy eyes and the gratitude that emanated from him.
The decision of the veterinary team was the best possible one, these two friends should meet again and stay next to each other forever!

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