Little hero: to save a puppy, an 8-year-old boy sold his most precious thing

The amazing and touching story of an 8-year-old Virginia boy shocked the public and reached the media.

One day, a family learned that their puppy was seriously ill. They needed expensive treatment to save their beloved pet, but they didn’t have the money. So the boy thought of an unexpected way to earn money. Although it was a difficult decision for him, he hasn’t regretted it.

Bryson Klimann is an eight-year-old boy from the small town of Lebanon, Virginia. He adores Pokemon, a fictional Japanese cartoon character.

Bryson collects various items and articles featuring the Pokemon and keeps track of new arrivals at the store.

But even more than that, Bryson loves his 4-month-old puppy Bruce. He decides to spend his free time with him. But one day Bruce refused to play with Bryson and looked very feeble, and that was when the family suspected something was wrong.

It was decided to take Bruce to the veterinary clinic. There, the puppy was examined and found to have a dangerous parvovirus that is fatal if left untreated.

Of course, the family wanted to save the animal, but the treatment proved to be costly. A sum of $700 was requested, and the family didn’t have that kind of money. But Bryson didn’t want to lose his best friend and came up with something.

The boy decided to sell his entire collection of Pokemon cards. Saying goodbye to them was very hard for him, but the puppy was more important. He set up a table in the driveway of his house, put up a big colorful umbrella and a sign saying “Pokemon Sale” to attract the attention of passers-by.

It was a brilliant idea! On the first day, he raised $65. His mother, Kimberly Woodruff, wanted to support her son’s noble cause. She created a social media page where she opened a fundraiser and indicated the required amount of $800.

Soon, many people learned about it. After the mass publicity, more and more people began to donate and the proceeds from the sale of Pokémon cards rose to $400.

After the family raised enough money, they immediately took the animal to a clinic. During his treatment, they visited him regularly. Donations continued to pour in. In the end, the amount of money raised exceeded all expectations: $15,000!

A few days later, Bryce began to recover and the family was allowed to take him home where he continued his treatment. Bryson was overjoyed to be reunited with his best friend.

The family decided to donate the remaining amount of money to other dogs in need of treatment.

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