A couple noticed a man throwing away his bag: they picked it up and found a new friend

The couple was traveling by bicycle in the spring and had chosen a quiet road in Paraguay. While riding, they saw a car stop on the road.

The driver did not get out, but the couple saw a small bag flying out the window. The car then sped away.

The cyclists decided to see what was inside, and the discovery was a surprise to them.

As the teens approached the bag, they noticed a puppy sitting inside, which immediately ran toward them.

The couple examined the dog and, from the looks of it, found nothing suspicious. The dog seemed quite healthy and happy.

The couple didn’t know what to do with the find and planned to give it to a shelter, but then changed their minds and took it home.

“We decided to keep the baby and named him Lorenzo. He now lives with us and is being fostered by us,” Pablo reports.

It seems that the dog has found his family. The couple remains perplexed and does not understand who treated the baby so cruelly.

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