Little helper: The dog teaches the baby to crawl

This video has touched many in this video has touched many internet users.

This video caused a sensation on the Internet and inspired many. The dog clearly understands that the child cannot walk and teaches him to crawl.

This nearly one-minute clip, posted by a user named “Simon BRFC Hopkins,” shows a dog crawling on the floor and teaching its little companion the same thing.
At the beginning of the video, the child is sitting next to his toy when a black and white dog appears. If the dog notices that the child cannot walk, he gives him crawling lessons. You can see how the dog lies low and pushes forward. A child soon comes to him who does the same. The video ends with both enjoying their spare time.

Since its release on November 10, the video has received over seven thousand views and many comments.

Animals are definitely much smarter than we humans think, and everyday different stories prove it to us.

I knew dogs are smart (except my own because I can’t silence them), but I think I’ve forgotten what they can do” another wrote.
Internet users.

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