Orphaned Black Bear Cub ‘Apprehended’ At The US-Canada Border!

The coronavirus pandemic stopped people’s lives for a moment; on the other hand, it encouraged wild animals to act. The border between Canada and Alaska was closed to people, and that silence was a sign that our furry beauties – the bears – could go.

The situation captured by the camera at the border crossing is hilarious and made many people laugh, similar to the scenes from the hidden camera show.
However, this is not a joke; the little bear knocked the clerk on the counter. We don’t know where the little bear went, whether to Canada or Alaska, but the scene was undoubtedly too cute even for the officials.

They did not ask him for the necessary documents but contacted the “Northern Lights Wildlife Society” wildlife shelter to take care of the little bear.
The bear must have sensed that there was food nearby, so he searched for it. However, the scene that unfolded at the border crossing is full of humor, and only we humans understand the seriousness of the situation.

The wildlife refuge reported that they have to make sure that the little bear is put on a special diet to gain weight and will be released back into the wild in the spring when the hibernation period is over.
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