A man lived in a cave for 17 years to escape the police

He decided to flee

As a student, Lo Ken got into bad company. One evening, Lo and his friends decided to adventure at a gas station. It was a stupid undertaking; they stole only $20. What Lo did was even more ludicrous: he chose to flee and lived in a cave for the next 17 years.

The gas station was empty that night, and the boys had only taken $20 from the cash register. The police quickly tracked down the perpetrators, and Lo immediately decided to flee and went to the mountains.
He hid in the forest until the police found his house. Then Lo moved into a cave high up in the mountains. There he learned to hunt and collect berries. Occasionally, the boy went to the next village to get something to eat.

Lo kept in touch with his family. They kept trying to persuade him to return, but he refused. Over the years, Lo’s loneliness and fear became increasingly unbearable, yet he survived isolated for 14 years. It wasn’t until 2023 that Lo realized he couldn’t live like this anymore.
“I’m over 50 years old, my wife is in poor health, and I have a beautiful grandson,” says Lo. “I want a normal life!”

He returned home and turned himself into the authorities. Now the court must decide whether the man has paid for his slight guilt.

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