Little girl, don’t cry! Your Violet is now safe!

Described as “very sweet,” clean-coated, and well-behaved by the Good Samaritans who found her, the cat was taken to the Effingham County Animal Shelter.
This adorable kitty was found wandering the streets of Illinois. At first glance, she did not look like a stray, which confused her finders. The people who found her tried to look for her owner, but it turned out that she didn’t belong to anyone.

She was taken to the Effingham Animal Shelter. Michaela Muzz, who rescued her, posted on her Facebook profile and explained that the cat is amiable.
The cat was very gentle; he allowed people to pet him and cooperated with them. She had a pink necklace on her neck. However, the unusual thing the shelter’s volunteers noticed was the message inserted into her chain.
According to the handwriting, it was immediately apparent that the message was written by someone younger, probably a child.
The message was dedicated to the future owner, who wants to take care of this beautiful kitty and give her all the love in the world.

“Hello, Violet. That name chose you. I wish I could keep you. Goodbye Violet, I hope you get a good owner. To the owner: Please take good care of her. By the way, I gave her a name. Thank you! With love, Lacey.”
After the vets from this shelter examined her, they discovered that Violet did not have a chip. So they have yet to find out who the actual owner was. Indeed, this heartbreaking message touched them all emotionally.
Someone’s parents probably didn’t let Violet stay. Because of this, she had to be handed over to someone else who would take care of her.
Cindy Murray was the one! After seeing the shelter’s Facebook post, this woman contacted them wanting to adopt the adorable Violet.

Cindy Murray noted that she could not stop crying after this announcement.
After Cindy Murray brought her new pet into her home, she noticed that she suddenly started to act relaxed. It’s as if he’s been there with her for years. She showed the most significant possible trust. She always wanted to play, and it was her language to show her gratitude.

Little Violet is safe; girls, don’t worry!

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