Brave momma dog asks rescuers to save her puppies from drain pipe covered in snow!

Winters are the greatest temptation for stray animals that unfortunately do not have a home, and it is especially difficult for females who have almost become mothers. This is a sad story about a mother dog who sacrificed everything to keep her little puppies safe during a long and harsh winter.

The dog, named Hera, left her puppies with people who, according to her, were humane and kind enough to help her little ones survive.
As a stray dog, Hera could only find a hidden place for herself and her newborn puppies to be safe. That “safe place” was a drainage pipe in a village in Serbia.

This place was anything but safe, but at least there was no wind, and she could find some food nearby. However, Hera and her puppies soon could no longer be here, and she had to find another place to be safe.
Concerned citizens spotted Hera wandering around with her puppies and reacted quickly. They called the owner of an animal shelter.

Of course, Milan promptly responded to the call, and the rescue operation could begin.
When Hera saw her savior Milan, she ran toward him without fear. She knew that this man had good intentions and that she would finally be taken to safety, along with her little puppies. The puppies were only four weeks old.

The rescue operation started a little more complicated. Even though their mother assured them that help had arrived and they could safely get out, the puppies were afraid. They took shelter deep in the drainage pipe, which the man could not reach.
Milan did not want to give up and was determined and persistent to save them. He took an auxiliary prop, a broom, from a local and chased them toward the exit.

Mama Hera anxiously waited for her puppies to finally be in this savior’s hands. When they were finally rescued, they were taken safely to a shelter, cared for, and in the hope that a family would be willing to adopt them.

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