Singer Shakira has broken 14 Guinness World Records thanks to the song about her ex-partner Pique!

She releases an energetic track inspired by the change in her personal life.

Colombian singer Shakira has broken 14 Guinness World Records thanks to the song produced with DJ Bizarrap about her ex-partner Pique.

After personal failure and divorce, the Colombian singer Shakira has succeeded in her musical career. Their songs break records again.
Shakira and DJ Bizarrap produced the hit about the impostor Gerard Piqué together and were guests in the evening show. There they played the track and shared their experiences from the collaboration. Host Jimmy Fallon reported on how their success was reflected in world records.
Shakira broke 14 Guinness World Records with the song “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53”.

Shakira has not only broken 14 Guinness World Records but also set other records, such as:
the record for the most Spotify streams within 24 hours;
the description for the most viewed music video on YouTube within 24 hours;
the record for reaching 100 million YouTube views in less than three days;
the record for the most popular Latino song on Spotify within a week.

What is known about Shakira’s track?
In June of last year, Shakira separated from the football player Gerard Piqué because of his numerous infidelities. She let herself be influenced by the
Inspired by the change in her personal life, she released an energetic track produced with a DJ.
Shakira makes fun of her ex and his young girlfriend in the song. The singer advised Pique to train his brain and reprimanded him for his mother-in-law.
Interestingly, Shakira has provoked her ex-husband several times. For Valentine’s Day, she showed a video in which she sang the song with a mop in her hand. The primary expression is, “I’m going to kill my ex.”

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