A carpenter lived modestly in a small house: years later it turned out that the man was a millionaire!

Noble deed

Throughout his life, Dale Schroeder was a simple worker. His house was small; the carpenter owned two old jeans and a long, rusty truck. He never spent a penny on himself. But years later, millions of dollars turned up in his account, which the carpenter had saved for an important cause – and now dozens of strangers were grateful to him.

Dale grew up in a low-income family; he did not graduate from college but went straight to work. People knew him as “just a guy” and a hard worker. The man never bothered to marry; he should have no one to spend his wages on.

But he didn’t buy new things, even though he wasn’t a miser. In retirement, Dale could afford a comfortable life of traveling worldwide, which only became apparent when his will was read to his friend.

It turned out that a simple carpenter had accumulated three million dollars in his account. Dale wanted this money to be used to educate children from low-income families, and he wanted them to find their place in the world.

He had already started saving for charity in the 1990s, when he learned of a program that helped underprivileged children get a higher education.

The carpenter’s savings enabled 33 young people to attend college. All of them graduated – and they certainly have fond memories of Dale. The story of the generous carpenter quickly spread in the media worldwide.

The dedication of the simple worker impressed the people. Many said they were reconsidering their approach to charity.

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