Kitten is so happy to be adopted, she brings slippers to her human every morning

Animals can’t speak to express their feelings and gratitude, and they do it with some friendly gestures or wagging their tails. We would like to introduce an exceptionally kind and grateful cat named Lulu. Lulu had a hard life on the streets, and she was a stray until she was rescued and brought to a shelter.

Lulu was found in poor health. The people at the shelter took care of her, and after only a few weeks, Lulu was in good shape. Lulu was ten years old at that time, so her body was already exhausted, so her recovery required much more effort.

Unfortunately, no one wanted to adopt Lulu because all the potential adopters wanted a kitten, and Lulu was too old for them. However, luck was on her side. One day, someone showed up who was willing to make her life happier.

Lulu had kidney disease, a potential problem for a future owner. For a year and a half, she was shunned. But a little girl named Kayla and her mother were willing to take Lulu in.

On one occasion, Kayla explained that the whistle was a real challenge for her at first. In addition to her kidney disease, Lulu had ingrown nails from being confined in a small cage for too long, so she couldn’t even jump like any other cat.

She added that they fell in love with her as soon as they saw her. They knew they wanted her, and after the shelter people told them her sad story, they were sure they wanted her even more.

Kayla and her mom had no idea that Lulu would be grateful to them for the rest of her life, and in extraordinary ways!

One day, something downright amazing happened. Kayla’s mother was getting ready for work, as she did every day, and at one point she saw Lulu at the door with her slippers in her mouth.

She first brought one and then came back to get the other. The woman was shocked. Everyone knows dogs like to do that, but a cat?

And when the woman thought this was just a one-time, cute event that would never happen again, she was wrong. For Lulu, this has become a routine. Every morning, before she goes to work, Lulu brings her slippers.

In this way, Lulu shows her gratitude to the woman who helped her find her peace and who gave her so much love that she always wanted.

Since then, she has become a real internet star!

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