Happy gecko can not stop smiling when he is near his toy

Have you ever seen a happier animal? We bet you haven’t! This wonderful creature is so cheerful when sitting next to his friend that his smile will melt even the hardest hearts. Of course, his friend is a toy, but that doesn’t stop him from showing his joy. Gecko connoisseurs know perfectly well how territorial these animals are, which is why this fantastic macaque has become even more unique and adorable for the whole world. His name is Kohaku!


The little toy macaque didn’t bother his giant friend in the slightest, in fact, he cheered him up even more. His smile is so cute that we can call him the globally happiest monkey.


His irresistible smile has made him incredibly popular on social media. If you thought until now that lizards can’t smile, here we have the proof that it is possible after all.


People all over the world went crazy for his pictures. A few photos of him smiling next to his friend, little Macklin, triggered an avalanche of comments and likes. This toy was probably a kind of “mini Kohak” for him.

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