Baby boy Muhamed is 16 months old and weighs 61 pounds

Muhamed Kenzi Alfaro is only 16 months old, but weighs 28 kilograms and wears size XXXL diapers, writes the Daily Mail.

The average baby his age weighs about a third of his weight.

At the family home in Bandung Regency, Indonesia, his mother Pitrij laughs as she struggles to push him into an upright position.

Kenzi wears a green t-shirt with a number 2 – which seems too small – while the child manages to finally get to his feet for a split second.

His mother Pitria explains that Kenzi can no longer fit in his pram and his parents find it difficult to lift him until he can stand up straight.

The mother says that Kenzi sometimes has to wear her father’s clothes.

Kenzi weighed 4.5 kilograms at birth – which is a lot, but usually not a cause for concern because most children weigh a few kilograms at birth.

But in the past year, he has grown to the point where he needs regular medical care and visits.

His parents and doctors are now waiting for the results of the tests done at Hermina Bekasi Hospital.

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