A cat came into the café and started scratching at the windows and meowing: She called the people for help, and then took them to a box in the forest

The incident occurred in a cafe on an ordinary winter day. Customers of the establishment noticed a cat that appeared on the street out of nowhere. The animal scratched at the windows of the café and started meowing loudly.

People went out to see what was going on, and the cat started looking them in the eye. The café employees wanted to chase it away, but a couple wouldn’t let them.

The people took the cat in their hands, but the animal broke away, ran a bit away, and stopped. It looked like it wanted to take the humans somewhere, show them something, and meow to get them to follow.

The boy and the girl decided to follow the cat all the way. And for good reason, as it turned out. Soon they reached a small cardboard box, from which came a swarming sound.

To the couple’s horror, the box was sealed with duct tape and there was no way out for whoever was inside. When the door was opened, there were several newborn kittens inside.

The cat immediately climbed inside and began feeding the babies and keeping them warm. The couple picked up the box with the cat and its babies and took it home – saving the babies and their mother.

The cat’s resourcefulness is admirable, for she guessed to call for help. It is wonderful that the story turned out so well thanks to indifferent people.

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