Cat clings desperately to the door frame, she does not want to go out into the cold!

You’ll admit that crazy animal videos are a natural mood booster, no matter how much your day hasn’t gone as planned. The main characters are mainly dogs and cats. A funny and exciting video has just arrived from China, more specifically from the city of Taiwan in Shanxi province.

Cats are known for their tenacity and somewhat devious character. These beauties always and only do what they want. While dogs make excellent and obedient pets, it’s not so easy with cats.

Perhaps the best description for this video would be “drama queen won’t get out.”

In the video, which was shared on the social network Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, a white beauty can be seen standing very nervously in front of the front door, holding onto the door frame.

She simply refuses to obey her owner and go for a walk.

This British short haired beauty doesn’t want to go outside because the temperature is very low in China when this video was taken.
And who wants to go for a walk in the cold?

This beauty did everything to let her owner know that she doesn’t plan to go outside. Her fury and the elegance of her defiance made many people around the world laugh.

And of course, in the end, it was her way, and you can see how it all looked in the video below:

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