Hidden Camera Catches Doting Eagle Doing Everything He Can To Please His Wife

Big Bear Valley is an impressive valley in California, and a pair of beautiful eagles, Jackie and Shadow, fly in the sky above it. These special eagles, whose beauty takes your breath away, will soon become parents, so they begin to work hard to build their safe nest.

Like any loving couple, Jackie and Shadow fight occasionally, and guess who’s got the last word? Jackie eagles, of course. One of their arguments was about what else but the prey that Shadow the eagle caught. Jackie, as a mother-to-be, felt that the booty should remain hers, which Shadow left to her.
Sandy Steers, the director of “Big Bear Valley,” explained cutely that Jackie the eagle always gets what she wants, and that’s cute.

This center, where many species of birds live, has cameras that allow you to monitor the life and behavior of the birds that live there. Observing this eagle couple, Steers got to know their character very well.
Director Steers pointed out that the followers of the “Big Bear Valley” Facebook page adore this wonderful, loving couple. And she provides them information, photos, or videos every day when they can enjoy their beauty and cute fights.
Often, the fights between Jackie and Shadow resemble a real love fight between two people.
Shadow is exceptional; he almost always gives in to Jackie in arguments and lets her be the boss.
Another interesting situation is the beginning of their relationship. Jackie was previously with another eagle, but Shadow appeared and won her heart. When Jackie and Shadow grew closer, Jackie’s first love pulled away and flew away.

Although it is known that with eagles, partners bond for life, the connection and love created between Jackie and Shadow developed so strongly that it defeated all known laws of eagle nature.
As this beautiful, loving couple builds their nest, their love, respect, and connection grow more muscular. Watching their relationship and learning from them is truly an extraordinary privilege.

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