Hero Mother: The dog starved and froze for months without leaving her five puppies hungry

A mother always makes the greatest sacrifice when it comes to her children. She will be hungry just so her children get their meals if necessary. He will do whatever it takes to protect them, even if she has to die. So is Celeste, the dog who almost sacrificed her life for her five little dogs to survive the cold winter.
Celeste is a stray dog, which means she has no one to take care of her and must find food and some warm shelter.
This complicated story about the unfortunate wanderer Celeste made many people cry worldwide. Celeste wasn’t always a wanderer. Her owner, with whom she had infinite trust and a lot of unconditional love, threw her out on the street after he found out that she would soon give birth.
Poor Celeste didn’t know what had happened to her. She wandered the streets, always happy and with a lot of hope and patience that her owner would come back for her soon. However, this has yet to happen.
Celeste had no way of finding her way on the street. She was used to being fed by her owner, and now she had to find food. When she gave birth, her condition became even worse.

The woman who later adopted Celeste is named Elaine Nelson-Hosak. Elaine told in detail how her orphan Celeste, like a true warrior mother, raised her puppies for five months on the street.
When she was found, Celeste was in a truly terrible state. Her body was too thin; she was malnourished and in terrible health. However, her puppies were more than well-fed. After the examination, the veterinarians concluded that the puppies were healthy.

The devoted mother, Celeste, kept her puppies warm throughout the winter and gave her children all the food she found. She suffered hunger for days just so her children would not feel that torment.
Elaine didn’t think twice after learning about this extraordinary mother. The sacrifice of a mother deeply moved her. This woman adopted not only Celeste, but also her puppies. Just a few months earlier, Elaine had lost her pet, and Celeste and her puppies were the natural cure for that sadness and loss.

After Elaine brought her new pets to the veterinary clinic, the vet immediately cared for poor Celeste’s health. She was subjected to a re-feeding regime, i.e., she received six extremely nutritious meals with the necessary substances.

Meanwhile, the four puppies got a new home and a perfect family that will give them lots of love and attention.

Elaine adores Celeste and often calls her “mom.” Celeste loves her new owner, does not separate from her, and uses every moment to kiss and thank her for giving her a unique chance to live away from the cold and ruthless street.

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