11-year-old boy stops traffic to save injured dog hit by a car!

Children and young people are always incredibly gentle and sensitive towards animals. One eleven-year-old boy even went a step further. This brave boy risked his life to save an injured dog. With this act, the young boy showed that even children could be real heroes.
His name is Jean Fernandes, and he lives in Brazil. Walking down the street, he saw a shocking sight that disturbed him. The poor dog was hit by a car. Fortunately, the dog survived this blow but whined loudly in pain, calling for help.

Young Jean Fernandes was in the right place at the right time. The boy did not want to remain immune to this painful call for help from the poor and injured dog. He quickly ran out into the street without thinking he could endanger his life. He waved his hands to signal drivers to slow down or stop their cars.
He grabbed the injured dog and took it to a safe place.

All this was managed to be recorded by a man who noticed the intentions of this boy hero in time. The name of that photographer is Rafael Martins.

Rafael Martins shared this video on his Facebook profile, making this boy hero famous. The world deserves to remember the name and image of this fearless boy.
Many commented on this touching moment as the moment when a little boy becomes a “real man.”
Jean’s mother explained that her son had adored animals from his earliest childhood and that she was not at all surprised by this gesture.

The dog Jean rescued was named Mel. Mel was given medical help in a veterinary clinic, and the prospects for his recovery are excellent.

More on Jean’s amazing gesture below:

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