A 40-year-old retired racehorse and a 58-year-old man give each other a reason to live!

Man needs to connect not only with other people, but also with animals. Regardless of their size or nature, each person chooses their favorite animal and friend for life according to his affinities. Without animals, our lives would be empty and incomplete.

Donnie MacAdams decided the horse as his favorite animal and friend. This man devotes all his spare time to his friend Waco Hanover.
Waco Hanover is a thoroughbred racehorse, and now as a retired racer, he enjoys long walks and gallops with his friend Donnie.

Donnie built a stable for his horse friend Waco near his house, so he could spend as much time with him as possible. Since Waco has been “retired,” Donnie has been wholly devoted to him for the last eight years. One detail related to their friendship is fascinating. Namely, Donnie claims that his horse Waco played a significant role in his recovery after he suffered a heart attack in 2008.
However, Donnie also immensely helped Waco because Waco was in feeble health when he met him, and everyone was skeptical about whether the poor horse would survive the winter.
However, Donnie believed in his healing and devoted himself entirely to helping the poor horse.
The reason Waco lost his appetite was loneliness. Believe it or not, horses can feel the emotion of loneliness and ultimately lose the will to live because of it. During that period, a man came into the life of a lonely horse who would help him.

Waco turned 40 in 2017, equivalent to 120 human years. Unfortunately, he left this world in 2019 at an advanced age.
Donnie took the death of his horse friend Wac very hard, and he is only comforted by the fact that Waco knew until the last moment of his life that he had a best friend in man and was pleased with him.

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