Police dog stabbed in the line of duty, Simon Cowell fights back tears on Britain’s got talent!

We like to spend our free time watching interesting TV programmes. One of the most popular shows is Britain’s Got Talent.
The worldwide popular talent show “Britain’s Got Talent” had special candidates as guests. It’s about a nine-year-old German shepherd, a police dog, named Finn and his owner Dave Wardell.
When this unusual duo performed in front of a large audience, everyone expected another act where the owner would show off his dressage skills. But that was not the point at all. The judges and the audience got to see a very unusual art of the mind reading. But that was not what made one of the judges and most of the audience cry. Their sad story touched even the hardest of hearts.

Dave is a police officer by profession, whose job carries great risks. Just a few months ago he was almost killed when a suspected criminal attacked him with a knife. To protect Dave, his dog Finn jumped straight at the criminal, who instinctively plunged the blade, which was 10 inch long, and then stabbed him several times in the chest and head. The dog sacrificed his life to protect the man who was his friend. Dave reacted quickly and arrested the criminal, while the injured dog was immediately taken to the emergency room. Finn the dog suffered really serious injuries, his lung was punctured but his heart was fortunately unharmed. This heroic dog’s life was saved by the doctor’s quick reaction. The operation went well and a long and difficult recovery period lay ahead.

For several weeks he was on a ventilator, and he was really very lucky to have survived such injuries. Of course, he did not think of giving up what he loved to do. After several months of recovery, Finn resumed fighting criminals. Given his injuries, Dave decided to take him home anyway to keep and care for him as a pet.
After this tragic incident, Dave initiated the introduction of “Finn’s Law”, which provides a stricter punishment for attacking service dogs. One of the judges, Simon Cowell, could not hold back the tears after this sad story and difficult fight.
In the following video you can see the performance of this extraordinary duo, but also hear their emotional life story:

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