Dog can not stop smiling at everyone after being rescued

The greatest possible love goes to all the abandoned and sad dogs worldwide! Many have already been rescued, but a large number of them need the help of good people more than necessary.

That’s why we appeal to everyone: if you can adopt a dog, we promise that your home will be more beautiful and your life will be happier!

The dog Smile looks exactly as her owners named her. She is determined and happy, but her life story is complicated and she has suffered a lot in the past.

Smile lived in a very unhealthy environment for a long time; the family that took care of her did not take care of her. She lived in Tijuana, Mexico, and little Smile lived a miserable life for years.

Some neighbors, noticing that little Smile was suffering in these circumstances, called the “At-Choo Foundation” from California to take care of her and take her away from there.

Besides little Smile, these humane people helped 23 other dogs to escape the inhumane conditions.

Smile had a mild disease that attacked her spine, and she inherited this disease from one of her parents. Fortunately, it did not have a disproportionate effect on her, because in more severe cases, complete paralysis occurs.

After photos of her irresistible Smile were shared on the internet, the folks at No Dog Left Behind, or (NDLB) for short, called from Minnesota.

They wanted to take Smile in and care for her and her health.

“Smile was destined to join our rescue,” the NDLB volunteers wrote on their Facebook profile.

People from Minnesota made their way to California to pick up little Smile. Needless to say, meeting the terrified Smile was not easy. At first, she resisted and bit her rescuers, which is understandable considering how much she had suffered before. Little Smile did not know that the people standing in front of her were there to help her.

Eventually, they were able to get Little Smile to volunteer and she was taken to Minnesota. She was very scared and curled up throughout the trip. After arriving at the shelter, Smile had to be quarantined temporarily. The acclimation period is very stressful for any dog.

Her rescuers tried every day to make her as comfortable as possible. They showered her with love, and after making sure her intentions were good, she smiled at them.

The people at this shelter loved little Smile. She is so sweet and friendly that she can touch anyone’s heart.

Now the people of NDLB want to find a suitable home for little Smile, where she will finally be happy. This little beauty deserves it!

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