After forest fire: cat ‘Boots’ reunited with owner

There is nothing more terrible than being separated from your loved ones. Cat “Boots” has been missing from his family for a long time. When his owner finally sees him again, she realizes that the poor four-legged friend has literally gone through hell before.

In December 2021, the US state of Colorado is in flames. Thousands of acres of land are destroyed in the devastating wildfires and hundreds of people lose their homes.

Among the fire victims are also many animals – some of which are being cared for by the animal welfare organization “Humane Society Of Boulder Valley”. One four-legged friend was particularly badly affected: a tabby tomcat with orange fur was brought in with severe burns.

The cat’s face and paws are marked by burns. With great care, a team of veterinarians takes care of the battered animal. The velvet paw seems to have a good guardian angel: Her wounds heal quickly and soon she is well again. Now the search for the animal’s family begins. Although many pets have gone missing in the forest fires, no one seems to miss this tomcat.

But one day a woman contacts the organization: Jules Lieb has seen the pictures on the page of the animal protection organization and thinks she has recognized in the poor little fellow her tomcat named Boots, who has been missing for more than a year. And indeed: When Jules pays a visit to the animal shelter, the last doubts are dispelled. After all the pain and strain, Boots can finally return home.

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