“The Homeless Dog Carried A Bundle In His Teeth”: He Saved A Little Human Life That Day

We will never cease to be impressed by the exploits of our little furry friends. We are amazed at the loyalty and courage of these small but brave creatures. This story is another of many that testify to that. The story we want to share with you is set in Thailand.
In Thailand there are really many stray dogs and there is no proper policy to solve this problem. Our hero, a small stray dog, was walking the streets looking for food. Just a normal day for a dog that nobody cares about.
Like any wanderer, he always stops at the first container nearby. At first he was attracted by the sound that most resembled the meowing of small kittens. But they were not kittens, they were something very strange. The baby’s voice came from the rubbish! People really are capable of being true monsters, not only to animals, but also to their own kind. Someone threw their own baby in the rubbish. That is really morbid and monstrous!
When the dog approached the baby, he grabbed it by the bundle and dragged it behind him. No one knows how long the dog carried the baby, but the dog knew he had to get to the first house and get help.

He did so, lowered the baby into the yard of a house and began to bark. He kept barking until the people left the house. The people were shocked and a little scared. It was not clear to them what had happened. The woman immediately went up to the baby, took him in her arms and immediately examined his condition. The baby was barely breathing!

She immediately took the baby into the house and called for an ambulance. Shortly after the call, the baby was taken to the hospital to the intensive care unit.

Fortunately, the baby survived and this dog became a hero not only in the small Thai town, but all over the world! Just imagine how much nicer this world would be if you cared just a little more about others and helped the helpless, like this dog.

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