Dog Walks 125 Miles With ‘Tears In Her Eyes’ To Find Owner Who Abandoned Her!

At only five months old, a little dog named Maru was left on the street, alone, abandoned by her owner who was supposed to provide her with a safe home and a good life full of love and care. Maru is a beautiful Bullmastiff bitch who was found when she was only five months old by a lady who gave the little dog hope that her wanderings on the cold streets of Novosibirsk would finally come to an end. But just a few weeks later, this woman called Alla Morozova, the owner of an animal shelter in Novosibirsk, to tell her that she was no longer able to care for the little dog because of alleged allergies.

"I never give my dogs away, and if they adopt one, the owners have to inform me if they can't have it anymore," Alla said.

Because of the situation in the area, the dog had to be brought to the shelter by train. But the incredible crowds, noise and other circumstances on the train made the little dog very nervous. So he took the first opportunity when the train stopped to jump out of the train…. Just 125 miles after departure, the dog jumped off the train in the town of Achinska – reports the Siberian Times.

The frightened dog did not even know where or how to go on.
After Allu notices that the dog did not show up when the train arrived, she decides to contact the couple and ask what is going on. In the meantime, the train manager informs her that the dog had jumped off the train and that nothing could be done about it. Allu was completely broken and distraught, and the woman taking care of the little dog would not even think of looking for him.
This act, which was not at all humane or humane, horrified Mrs Alla Morozova.
They abdicated their responsibility and were no longer interested in what would happen to the dog.

It is believed that Maru was gone from this station to the industrial zone of Krasnoyarsk.
Ms Morozova has experience in this business, so she thought of looking for the dog through social networks and leaflets. Everything had to be done quickly and efficiently, because little Maru had no chance of survival if she was not found.

The dog was found two and a half days later in the industrial area of Krasnoyarsk, where she was trying to get to the house where she had been turned away; she was injured and tired and had “tears in her eyes”, according to her rescuers.

The Russian forests are really huge and dense, full of brown bears and wolves. Everyone was shocked to see where the little dog pased, as she had sores on her mouth and paws from her injuries. Maru proved once again that dogs have exceptional spatial awareness.

Alla explained, "Geographically, she had no reference point at all. She walked alone in the courtyard in the city and didn't go anywhere else."

Tired and dehydrated little Maru with all her injuries was prevented from reaching her home – if this had not happened, she would have made it!

She just considered the house of the people who didn’t want her as her home….

Maru is currently being treated for her injuries at a shelter in Novosibirsk. The good news is that she is not alone there, her biological parents are with her.

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