The loyal dog stayed in the water for more than 11 hours to find his owner and rescued him!

Fishing is one of the most exciting and widespread hobbies practised by a large number of people in the world. Spending time in nature relaxes us and relieves stress. With the appropriate fishing licences, many people around the world enjoy going fishing, sometimes alone and sometimes in company. Some anglers take their pets – dogs – with them.

Heidi is a fishing dog who often went fishing with her owner. No one suspected that one day an ordinary fishing meeting between master and dog could almost end tragically.
Fishermen who often go fishing noticed a dog floating helplessly in the water one morning in Moreton Bay, Australia, and then they saw an overturned boat just a few metres away – they informed the Queensland Police.

The dog was struggling with all its might to swim to shore. Given the scene they saw, they knew there had to be a man nearby in addition to the dog. They decided to render immediate assistance. They immediately called the coastguard, who responded very quickly. An ambulance also arrived on the scene.
The rescuers took over the dog and brought it to safety.

However, the dog kept whimpering and was desperate to get away from the humans and return to the water.
It was clear to everyone that the dog was giving signs that its owner needed help and was in the water. After several hours of searching, a man was also found, who fortunately survived. Thanks to his faithful friend, the dog, the man could be helped in time, because it was the dog’s cries for help that attracted people to this place.

The unfortunate man explained that the boat overturned because he lost control of the boat due to a sudden movement. The dog and its owner fell into the water, but in opposite directions!
Believe it or not, the dog spent almost 12 hours in the water looking for its owner!

Dogs are truly our best friends, protectors and loyal companions! Their unconditional love can save our lives, as in this case.

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