Dog Becomes Guardian and Comforts 9-Day-Old Foal Following Mother’s Death

Dogs are renowned for their nurturing and protective nature. When they perceive trouble, their instinct to assist other creatures comes into play. They readily extend a paw of assistance to those in need. This tale showcases such a dog, who became both a protector and cherished companion to an orphaned foal. The foal found himself alone when his mother, a 22-year-old mare named Sandy, was put down due to deteriorating health.

The pair resided at S&K Quarter Horses in Fayette, Alabama, under the care of Karla Swindle. The loss of the mother was deeply impactful to her 9-day-old foal, Tye, leading to a heartbreaking situation.

However, Tye soon found solace in the presence of Karla’s dog, Zip. Zip stayed with Tye in the barn’s alley all night, laying by his side, as noted by Karla.

It was as if Zip could sense Tye’s emotional pain, and sought to console him with his quiet presence. Karla observed that Zip would lay by Tye’s neck, whining in a way that seemed like crying. Tye might have lost his mother, but he found comfort and companionship in Zip.

Karla recounted that Zip behaved as if he had adopted Tye, reassuring the foal that he wasn’t alone. This behavior was uncharacteristic for Zip, making it all the more remarkable.

Zip had seen many foals raised at the ranch before, but he had always maintained his distance, watching them from afar. This time, he could tell something was amiss, demonstrating the emotional intelligence dogs are famous for.

Over the following weeks, Zip continued to care for Tye. Each morning, he was so excited to see his friend that he would race to the stall, and if he found Tye laying down, he would go over and rest his head on him.

With Zip’s nurturing care and friendship during his early days, Tye has matured into a healthy horse. Now, as an adult, Tye spends most of his time with his equine companions, but he shares a unique bond with Zip. Their remarkable friendship promises to endure for the rest of their lives, testament to a truly special connection between them.

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