The woman took a helpless kitten from the street, which was lying exhausted on the sidewalk and needed help

A tiny kitten lay abandoned along a sidewalk, against the wall of a building, overlooked by all who passed by. Despite its precarious situation, the kitten never lost faith or hope in a possible rescue.

When Jiyan Ou, a woman based in Malaysia, left her workplace for a lunch break, she noticed the helpless creature. Upon closer inspection, she identified the severe leg injury of the kitten and that it was barely moving due to exhaustion. Jiyan realized the kitten would not survive without immediate help, and she decided not to abandon it to its fate.

She rushed the kitten to a veterinary clinic as quickly as possible. The clinic determined that the kitten was only three weeks old and severely underweight at just 260 grams – and it was a girl.

Following the vet’s treatment, Jiyan took the kitten home. Despite having no experience in caring for cats, she used the internet to find relevant care videos and tackled the challenge. She took on the task of feeding the tiny creature hourly, carrying out her new duty with much love and care.

The first days were tough, as the kitten needed time to adjust to its new environment. But with time, the transition became successful. The kitten, whom she named Tiger, quickly formed a bond with its rescuer and got along well with the other pets.

Initially, Tiger could only be minimally active due to her leg injury, but her condition improved significantly with the right veterinary treatment, and today she can keep up and play with the other pets.

Jiyan reports that Tiger is very playful, shows curiosity about everything, loves to purr, and needs a lot of attention. They even developed a special bedtime ritual, during which Jiyan absolutely has to pet her little kitten.

Now, Tiger is almost a month old. Jiyan admits that she hadn’t planned on adopting a cat, but she just couldn’t resist when she saw the adorable kitten.

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