120-Pound Shelter Dog Experiences the Most Incredible Transformation

Kellie Roman generously volunteered at her local animal shelter, where she was tasked with walking the dogs in need. On one eventful day, she approached the next dog on her list and was taken aback by what she saw. It was Margo, an incredibly hefty pit bull, unlike any she had ever encountered before.

Margo had been found as a stray, weighing an astonishing 120 pounds when she arrived at the shelter. Shedding nearly half her body weight was crucial for her well-being, and Roman eagerly stepped forward, determined to aid Margo in this daunting endeavor.

Taking Margo under her care, Roman became her foster parent through the One Love Arizona program, marking the official start of their transformative journey.

“We began with baby steps, venturing only to the neighboring house and back,” Roman recounted to The Dodo. “Gradually, we increased our distance over time, and now Margo walks up to 2 miles every day. Additionally, we discovered that Margo suffers from hypothyroidism. She receives medication and adheres to a strict, vet-recommended low-calorie diet.”

There were days when Margo lacked any motivation to move. Bearing the burden of excess weight couldn’t have been easy for her. Roman empathized with Margo’s struggles, fully aware that the more Margo exercised, the sooner she would experience significant improvement. Thus, Roman provided the necessary encouragement, and the progress Margo achieved was nothing short of astounding.

“Margo is thriving,” Roman declared. “She has undergone a complete transformation, exuding boundless energy and relishing walks and ball games. Moreover, she has formed a deep bond with my dog, Barry, and they revel in playful companionship.”

Margo’s target weight was set at 65 pounds, and she has now reached an impressive 63 pounds. She not only surpassed her weight-loss goal but also regained her vitality, enabling her to run, play, and revel in the simple joys of being a dog. Margo’s gratitude for her remarkable transformation is palpable.

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