Dog Abandoned with Heartfelt Farewell Letter Finds a Loving Forever Home

We have always had the desire to help every abandoned animal. We know that this is not possible, but we make sure to assist those who are near us. It is heartwarming to know how many animals are in need of our help. When an animal is abandoned solely because of its old age, it makes us wonder what kind of society we live in.

This particular story will move you to tears. It all began at the Wanderer’s Rest Humane Association in New York when they discovered an older dog abandoned in their yard. He was tied to a sled with a rope. Someone had left the dog there overnight with a bowl of water and a note. The note read, “Over 10 years old, can no longer walk.” It was deeply disturbing.

The Wanderer’s Humane Association gave him the love he deserved and named him Perry. They posted his photos on Facebook, hoping that someone would recognize him, and shared his touching story. People were moved by his story and stepped forward to help him.

He was taken to the vet for a check-up. After the medical examination, it was discovered that he was suffering from two tick-borne illnesses and had skin problems. Pain relievers were administered to treat his wounds. Fortunately, Perry showed signs of improvement and started walking with assistance.

Upon seeing this progress, they posted on Facebook that Perry could now stand on his own. He was able to walk, and they expressed gratitude to the people who showed support and donated for his sake.

The latest update on Perry is that he has found a home. He deserved all the happiness in life. Congratulations to the Wanderer’s Humane Association for their love and care for Perry.

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