An abandoned, emaciated and near death horse was found in the Arizona desert and rescued! This is her story!

This is the story of an unfortunate horse abandoned in the middle of the desert. Whoever did such a monstrous thing deserves the worst punishment! But luck was on the side of this wonderful horse in the end, named Blessing by the good people who found him. You see, the horse was found in Buckeye, Arizona, wandering alone in the desert. Emaciated, exhausted, hungry and on the edge of life. It was found near Gil Band by a horse trainer who happened to be there. Allison Montano I, the deputy sheriff in Maricopa, was informed about this case. A combined effort was made to locate the horse, and soon help arrived for the horse. The founder of the “Hope Cattle” ranch, Misian Cory, says he is almost certain that the horse had been wandering alone for almost 6 months! In that time it had lost a lot of body weight and muscle, was malnourished and sick.

“When we came across this sweet horse … it was obviously left to its own devices. She was relieved and immediately started drinking the water we brought her. ” – Allison Montano said

A stamp was found on the horse’s body, from which rescuers learned she was born in 2012 and that her real name was Pleasing Leasing. After she was transported to Hope Ranch, Blessing was examined by a veterinarian, bathed, her hooves were groomed and everything was subordinated to her recovery.

“Without hesitation, she got right into the trailer and was quickly moved to safety. Today her hooves are being trimmed. They are in terrible condition and she is finding it difficult to walk. We have called the vet and are doing whatever it takes to heal her. This will be a big expense and we are looking for donations. We are grateful for anything. Also prayers and good thoughts. We have called her a blessing. That’s exactly what she is – a blessing,” Misian Cory said.

The difference between day 1 and day 4

The people who care for Blessing say she is very sweet and kind. They don’t know who left her, but I am glad that fate led her to them! They are awaiting her full recovery, because she really deserves it!

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