Baby elephant interrupts news reporter

When you are in Kenya, it is nothing unusual and unexpected that some wild animals appear near you and even fall into the “frame” if you are a reporter.

It is quite exciting when your uninvited guest, a playful elephant, is live broadcasting the latest news on TV!

Kenyan KBC journalist Alvin Patterson Kaunda unexpectedly became the star of a viral video on the Internet, all thanks to a curious elephant.
Baby elephants are curious and playful; they see a possible joke and fun in everything. This baby elephant couldn’t know that the tickling on the reporter’s face didn’t match the current situation. However, the good man understood the children’s game and found it all incredibly fun and funny.

The reportage the reporter was supposed to cover took place in the rehabilitation center “Sheldrick Wildlife Trust”. This center mainly houses baby elephants that have lost their parents.

However, what Alvin Patterson Kaunda had to tell the viewers was not encouraging and concerned the difficult circumstances elephants face both in this center and throughout Africa and Asia.

Elephant habitats are being destroyed and large elephants are being killed for profit, leaving baby elephants alone with deep trauma, and people are having great difficulty regaining their trust and calming their fear.

The little playful elephants wanted some attention for themselves, and they did not choose the means to get it. In fact, everything was hilarious, and you can never laugh enough.

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