Woman bathes her owl with spray bottle hilarious reaction sets the internet abuzz

These beautiful and mysterious birds impress all people, whether they are fans or not. You can not compare the owl with any other bird; it is completely different and unique. Some people are thrilled, while others are frightened by its appearance and the characteristic sound it makes.

In most countries, it is legal to keep an owl as a pet if you have the required permit. To obtain this permit, you must complete the necessary training and build the required facility for your future pet.

Owners of owls confidently say that their pets are unique and that life with them is a great adventure and fun, despite the great responsibility that the owner has towards them.

For example, bathing such a bird of prey is a demanding task. However, the owl owner you see in the following video had a good idea to make the job easier and keep her owl entertained.

She used a bottle with an atomizer, and you can see the R ee her owl’s reaction here:

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