Dog comes to her new boyfriend’s window every day to get a kiss

Winnie and Chips recently had their first date.

Winnie is a young poodle dog who loves to make friends with everyone she meets. The little dog is used to making new friends outside the home, but one day she was walking through her apartment complex when she noticed someone.

His name was Chips, and Winnie immediately fell in love with him. “As soon as she saw him, she jumped around the garden and ran to the window to kiss him,” says Winnie’s mother, Sarah Madden. Chips is a rescue dog who lived in Vinnie’s apartment complex for a while before she and her mother moved in.

From then on, Winnie insisted that every walk begins with a visit to Chips’ window.

When she hears chips walking, she always runs to the front door to try to say hello when he passes by.

One day, Winnie came home from a walk and found a special Valentine’s Day gift. It was a toy with a handwritten note from her new best friend hanging from it.

Winnie and her mother chose a special toy for chips. Madden wrote a sweet note from Winnie describing her feelings for chips and asking him for a date at the end.

When the day came when Winnie and Chips met, Madden wasn’t sure how the two dogs would have behaved if a piece of glass hadn’t separated them.

Madden pointed out that Winnie and Chips really are a perfect couple! Winnie is always special when she sees her friend, and that makes her owner indescribably happy.

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