After making friends with a wild boar: Hunter wants to stop hunting!

Slavko Milović from the village of Avtovac fulfilled his greatest wish to tame a wild boar, and the wild boar Tita, with whom he has been friends for more than two years, brought his girlfriend Jorgovanka.

Tito got his name because he likes to be the center of attention and cared for. Milović admits to “Glas Srpska” that he likes Tito much better than Jorgovanka because he is calm, but also faithful like a dog. He tells that he bought him when he was little and he was restless at first, but with love and devotion they became fast friends. Over time, they became inseparable.

“My only wish was to tame a wild boar, and I succeeded. I have never seen a smarter animal in my life,” Milović said.

And although he works every day on the farm with the cattle, he says that it is not difficult for him to additionally take care of Tito and Jorgovanka, who is one year younger. On the contrary, he emphasizes that it is nice to see them outside the house because they become calm when he tames them. Tito, he says, follows him wherever he goes.

“Tito is a legend, he goes into the mountains and across the fields, runs and always comes back on my whistle. I wouldn’t sell him, he doesn’t have the strength or the money, and if someone gave me millions. He also gets along well with Jorgovanka. They eat everything I offer them, everything, and corn is their favorite. Fruits and vegetables, not to mention cereals, but also milk,” says the passionate hunter.

He adds that it is not impossible that he will also have reinforcements, because from the looks of it, there is a possibility that Jorgovanka will also give birth to a small child.

“They were together this winter, and it is not impossible that there will be more, because Jorgovanka now has a small belly. She must listen to him, he is older after all,” Milović says jokingly.

The climber is not afraid that Tito will leave him and go away, because he knows how to get miles away from home, but he always comes back. But even if he decides to do so, he has permission from him.

Vepar Tito and SlavkoPHOTO: RTRS / YOUTUBE
Tito and Slavko, the wild boar

“Only the badger I did not bring home alive, all the other animals I finished. And they never ran away from me. If he ever feels the call of the wild, he is free to go. But I know he won’t, because friends don’t leave each other,” Milović is confident, pointing out that the grandchildren play with them without fear.

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