This dog saved his friend who was seriously injured at an altitude of 1800m! He warmed him and gave him the strength to endure!

A dog named Nord went hiking with his master. And the decision to take the dog with us saved the owner’s life.

Greg Brkić has long dreamed of hiking in the Croatian mountains. So he was looking forward to a hike in Velebit, which stretches along the Adriatic coast.

Unfortunately, the hike was interrupted by an accident in which the man fell at an altitude of 1800 meters and could not move. His companions could not reach him and called emergency services. But the dog Nord quickly came to his master’s aid.

Doctors believe the dog saved Greg’s life. The man had spent 13 hours on the cold floor and couldn’t get up. The dog was always with him and kept his body warm.

After the rescue and return to “civilization,” the man confessed: “The minutes and seconds before the arrival of the rescuers were very long, but my beloved dog is a real miracle.” Later, the rescuers were able to publish pictures of Nord curled up next to can be seen with the man – an incredibly moving image.

Rescuers conceded that Greg would hardly have survived the fall without his dog. However, they called for the responsible use of dogs when mountaineering, as such activities can be very dangerous for the animals.

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