The discarded pit bull puppy was adopted by a firefighter who rescued him!

The happiest man is the one who helps the helpless animal in any way. Animals, as strange as it may sound, can be terribly grateful for help, even more than humans! People don’t even like to have witnesses of their moments of poverty, weakness, or any kind of loss. Animals do not have that ego and vanity. Animals are purer in heart and never forget or betray their savior!
Today’s story is about a dog named Chunk who was tied to a tree and abandoned. Chunk was hungry for a long time, and he could not provide food or shelter from the wind or rain.

One icy October night, the beautiful Chunka was “thrown” and tied up, and then a group of firefighters from Sacramento, on call, set out to save the poor dog. After the rescue operation, Chunk was taken to the fire station.

Chunk had swollen legs, scabies, but she longed for love the most, and that is exactly what these wonderful people gave her. As Chunk was in a very bad condition, she also needed the help of a veterinarian. She was immediately taken away to get adequate help. The staff of the Veterinary Clinic cured little Chunk of scabies, and then they put on her shirt to keep her warm and comfortable because she was left without fur due to her illness.

The next day, one of the members of the fire brigade decided to visit Chunk. She recognized him immediately and rushed into his arms. This very touching encounter touched the hearts of all present. Chunk was very grateful to her savior. He did a lot for her. She jumped on him, kissed him and waved her tail constantly.
This man could not remain indifferent. Chunk simply crept into his heart. He decided to adopt her, and that decision was supported by his family. After four months of treatment, Chunk was finally ready to meet her new home.

Watch the adorable moment Thawley visits the lonely Pitbull at the shelter:

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