Painful moment: Couple makes last trip with his dying dog

Tom Antonio and his wife Lauren wanted to make a last visit to the beach possible for their elderly dog Cocoa. However, since the dog could no longer walk, the owner built her a mobile bed without further ado.

When a dog has been part of the family for 16 years, it deserves to spend the last months of its life as comfortably as possible. Tom Antonio and his wife Lauren thought so, too. The couple from the U.S. state of Georgia had spent many relaxing vacations with Cocoa in Virginia Beach. They knew that their dog had always loved this time out on the Atlantic Ocean – so they wanted to give her one last visit to the dream beach.

Mobile dog bed for old dog
Because Cocoa was actually unable to walk in her final weeks of life, the trip to Virginia became a real challenge. Without further ado, Tom developed a mobile base for the beloved four-legged friend. With this mobile dog bed, Tom and Lauren took Cocoa to the boardwalk in Virginia Beach to enjoy the sunset together.

The whole story became known because a walker – Carrie Copenhaver – was very touched by the action. She took a photo and published it on Facebook.

A little later, dog Cocoa died

The couple from Georgia is not on Facebook themselves. Therefore, at first they did not know that their touching promenade photo with Cocoa went viral. “I found out through my brother-in-law. He asked, ‘Is that you?” and then other people asked, ‘Is that like you?’ And I could only confirm it, ‘Yes, I’m walking Cocoa ‘,” Tom had told regional channel WTKR.

The outing really became the dog’s last adventure. A short time later, she “peacefully fell asleep,” Tom informed Carrie, adding mournfully, “She left a big void in our hearts and our home.”

“Wonderful new acquaintance”

Carrie shared about the dog’s death in an update on Facebook. She also shared here that she had received many messages from other dog owners whose hearts were warmed by the story. She added, “When I posted this, I had no idea who this man was. It was just a snapshot that I wanted to immortalize …. Looking back, I’m so grateful I did. Someone shared this post with Tom’s wife and daughter. Because of that, we exchanged some messages and I made a wonderful new acquaintance.”

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