After breaking up with his best friend, the shelter dog can’t stop crying with grief

The animals in the shelter have a difficult past, and they face uncertainty and increased fear of not having a stable and loving owner. The conditions in the shelter are far from ideal.

These two buddies found solace and confidence in each other and the objects they had in the shelter. So, the former owner’s friends reached out to the shelter, hoping to find them a new home together.

The shelter staff hoped they could keep them together, although it was quite challenging. However, the day came when they had to separate. Unfortunately, an owner was found for one of the dogs, while the other remained in the shelter. It was a sad situation for both of them to be apart.

The dog in the shelter couldn’t stop howling and couldn’t find solace after being separated from its best friend. The other dog didn’t even last a few days in the new owner’s home, constantly crying, and was returned to the shelter. Fortunately, the separation didn’t last long, and the shelter soon found a man willing to adopt both of them.

They grew up together from a young age, but unfortunately, their owner lost their home and gave them up to an orphanage, warning that they couldn’t live without each other. When Rocky was taken away, Schwabbo, who was slightly older, couldn’t find a place for himself due to grief. He cared for Schwabbo like a younger brother, so their reunion was very touching.

After a social media post shared their story, capturing the hearts of millions of internet users, it was easy to find their owner. Thankfully, both dogs now have the same owner and are happily together.

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