A weak kitten with teddy bear ears ended up with a kind family

An unusual kitten was brought to the Friends for Life Rescue Network. It has a chocolate-colored fur and bear-like ears. However, its tendons and ligaments in the front legs were damaged, causing them to look crooked.

The kitten was named Feather and proved to be an affectionate and tame girl. The veterinarian prescribed physiotherapy treatments several times a day.

Feather received a heating pad on her feet, was massaged and stretched to relax the tendons and allow the bones to develop properly. This treatment has shown positive results.

Feather tolerates all the treatments and offers no resistance. She will soon be fitted with additional splints.

Tiny loves to sleep on Zane’s neck and hug him with her paws. She enjoys being petted and playing with him. Additionally, the little one is very curious and explores everything she encounters along her way.

The adult cat Chester, whom the couple was able to cure, immediately accepted Feather. He licks her and cuddles with her, and the baby loves to sleep in his soft arms.

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