Toy owner provides comfort to grieving pet owners through custom-made stuffed animals

When you have a pet in your life, they become more than just a visitor in your home; they become a beloved family member. We treat them as such and grow closer to them with each passing day.

Unfortunately, animals do not have the same lifespan as humans, and we may lose them far too soon. When a pet is lost, we go through a grieving process that can be incredibly challenging to navigate.

Honoring and remembering our furry friends is something many pet owners strive to do. Some choose to keep their pet’s ashes after cremation or arrange for a proper burial.

Every pet owner grieves in their own unique way. Some find solace in having a picture of their pet on display, while others turn to taxidermy to create a lifelike replica.

Now, there is a new option available thanks to a man in the Philippines. If you have lost a pet, he can create a realistic replica and send it to you.

David Tan, the owner of Pampanga Teddy Bear Factory, understands the heartache of losing a pet. According to Inside Edition, he experienced the loss of his own golden retriever in 2019, which inspired him to offer this unique service.

Since Tan was already in the business of making stuffed toys, he decided to create a replica of his dog using the same materials. This brought him a sense of comfort.

Since then, he and his team of 20 employees have been dedicated to crafting lifelike stuffed animals as memorials for dogs and cats that have passed away.

Pet owners provide pictures of their beloved animals, ensuring that the plushie captures their distinctive markings. Tan then designs a custom-made stuffed animal based on the provided image.

This unique service is not limited to dogs and cats; they have also created replicas of rabbits and hamsters for those grieving their loss.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Tan mentioned that while the animals look incredibly realistic, they are still toys. He emphasized that his team does not engage in taxidermy, eliminating any discomfort associated with that practice.

Creating one of these plushies typically takes around two days and costs approximately $65. Considering the comfort it can provide, this price is a small investment for many grieving pet owners.

Watch the video below to learn more about this heartwarming service:

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