Abandoned polar bear cub has its own toy it can’t part with and the reason will make you sad

Just a few days ago, numerous people had the opportunity to see this cute polar bear cub on the internet and were amazed by its cuteness and happiness. A video of this cute bear, only 5 months old, was posted online by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Powell, Ohio.

The polar bear cub sleeps every night with his stuffed toy, which reminds him of his lost brother. This toy gives him enough tenderness and replaces his mother who could no longer care for him. One of her cubs died, after which she became depressed and could no longer care for the baby. Fortunately, the zoo staff took over this responsibility and now takes care of the baby.
The zoo staff are doing everything in their power to ensure that the little bear lacks nothing to replace his mother’s love.

“The nursing staff claim that the sounds she makes on the recording are content. Her motor skills are improving day by day and she has started to stand on all fours, especially when waiting for her next meal,” she wrote on a zoo blog. Facebook page.

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