A helpless dog tied to a stake gives a paw to be saved by a policeman! A story that will make you cry!

We continue our humane mission by raising awareness of how important it is to care for abandoned animals, that they need our help more than anyone else! Share this story with your friends and family so that as many people as possible can join in and prevent the ugly situations this story is about as much as possible.
Angela Laurela, a Florida police officer, received a report that a dog was tied to a pole on the street and no one knew who tied it up and left it behind. As the temperature was very high that day, she immediately responded and went to the spot where she found a horrible sight! The hungry and tortured dog looked at the woman with his tired eyes, then reached out his paw to her as if to say, “Please help me, get me out of here.”

“He was tied to a stake with a very short chain, he was completely emaciated, dehydrated, every bone as well as a rib was sticking out.”
The dog reached out his paw to touch the hand of the woman who had rescued him and then lowered his head. This beautiful and sad dog was named Liam. After the rescue, he needed serious recovery treatment as he was in a really bad condition. Ms Angela contacted a dog shelter in Florida. They were at her service. They took Liam in, a sad and cruel fate on the streets was now a thing of the past for him.

It took a long time for Liam to start eating normally again and to regain trust in people, the whole team of vets was there for him. Everyone at the shelter loved him, he got love every day and was fed for an hour so his organism could get back to normal.

“He is happy to see everyone, and there are no bad bones in this animal’s body either,” said Roman, one of the shelter workers.
“I think humanity can definitely learn something from pets like Liam, it just gives you your faith back.”

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