A rare species of albino dolphin has been spotted in the Gulf of California! Watch the video!

It is really very rare to encounter albinotic animals. It is a rare condition caused by the organism’s inability to produce the natural pigment melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives colour to the skin, hair and eyes. Albino animals can be white or pink. But miracles do happen, and one photographer managed to photograph an albino dolphin!

This unusual but beautiful albino dolphin was spotted in the Gulf of California, Monterey, during a sightseeing tour to see blue whales.
“Albinism in the wild is incredibly rare, and I believe this is the only known albino Risso’s dolphin in the Eastern Pacific,” said one of the tour guides.
Those familiar with this species of dolphin estimate that it is a juvenile, only 3 years old. They have seen him as a baby, and now he is an adult swimming with his group of up to 50 dolphins.
Although albinism is unusual and interesting to the human eye, these animals often have health problems.

“Albino animals can be more prone to skin problems because they lack the melanin that protects the skin from UV rays, and they also have poor vision and hearing,” Cummings said. “As far as we can tell, this juvenile looks healthy,” said Kate Cummings, co-owner of a whale-watching company.
“Risso’s dolphins often form cots consisting of mothers and their calves,” Cummings said. “They were probably hunting for squid, their preferred food source.

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