A rare find under the floor: During the renovation in the kitchen, the couple found an unusual thing!

The house was built around 1700 in the Tudor style.

A British couple decided to renovate their kitchen, and they discovered something surprising under the floor.

The homeowners say they had no idea what was under their floor and unknowingly walked around on it for years. The house was built around 1700 in the Tudor style.

The couple revealed their discovery on a Tiktok by posting a video. The British said that they renovated their kitchen more than a month ago. At that time, they were in the process of installing underfloor heating.

After clearing the sand from the ground, they encountered a strange gravel mixture at one point. Then they discovered a brick that had a round shape. Fascinated, they continued to dig and found a complete ring.

The couple continued to dig to find the water source. And they succeeded – the well filled with water. The British believe that the well was filled in decades ago. Now they are trying to put him in the middle of their kitchen.

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