Zebra escaped from the zoo to walk through the city

The animal ran through the city for 3 hours.

A zebra escaped from a Korean zoo this week. Maybe it just wanted to enjoy the freedom and decided to walk through the streets of a nearby residential area.

This week, on March 30, the staff of the Grand Park Zoo in the South Korean capital Seoul sounded the alarm. A zebra had escaped from the zoo after climbing a wooden fence. According to staff, the zebra had escaped from its enclosure around 2:50 p.m. and walked into a nearby residential area, where it roamed for about three hours.

Only later was it found. The zoo staff called the animal rescue to capture the animal. The zebra was quickly caught – the rescuers did this with a fence and then used arrows with muscle relaxants to calm the zebra. It was loaded into a car and safely returned to the zoo.

It turns out that the fugitive’s name is Zero. She was born in this zoo in 2021 and has lived here ever since. Zero has never run away, but this time she decided to get a taste of freedom and broke out.

Now she is safe in her enclosure again. Staff said no one was injured in the outbreak, not even the zebra itself.

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