A farmer rescued a stray cat from the road and when he realised it wasn’t a cat, he was totally shocked!

A farmer named Elber Guzman from Colombia found a small abandoned cat on the main road near his ranch. Being a great animal lover himself and owning his own farm with many different kinds of animals, he decided to help this poor cat, who would certainly not survive without his help. He decided to pick her up off the street and bring her to his farm.

First he carefully checked to see if the mother and the rest of the pack of this little stray animal were around, and after making sure that no one was around and that she was absolutely alone, he picked her up in his arms and took her with him.
Whether the mother abandoned her kitten or it got lost in the game and did not know how to return to its family, we will never know.

After Guzman brought the little kitten home, he noticed a rather strange behaviour for an ordinary cat. It seemed somehow “wild”, and when he then compared it with other kittens on his farm, he noticed a completely different constitution. He decided to contact the regional animal and environmental protection office.

What he was told there completely shocked him! Guzman did not rescue an ordinary cat, but a baby puma!
You will agree that the tiny kitten looks exactly like an ordinary domestic cat of that age, so it is not surprising that Guzman made a mistake.

The cougar was picked up and examined by a vet before being taken to a rescue facility where it will be properly cared for and later released back into the wild where it belongs when it is ready.

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