People are obsessed with this adorable dog with a totally shocking look!

The internet is daily flooded with unique and amazing dog pictures that warm your heart. Lucky, a two-year-old dog living in Thailand with his owner Charice Fca Cha, is one of them. Because of his unusual appearance, Lucky became an instant hit.

On the internet you can really see many unusual pictures of animals with different looks. Some of them really shock us with their unusual appearance. Do you already know a dog called Lucky? If not, let us introduce him to you!

Dog Lucky lives in Thailand and is only two years old. He became known worldwide when his owner Charice Fca Cha shared his picture on her Facebook profile. Since then, her life has completely changed! People all over the world wanted to see this dog every day and asked her for pictures and videos of him. Then she realised that her pet was not just an ordinary dog, but a real star!

Lucky was born with heterochromia, a disorder where each eye has different shades of colour (light blue and brown), but that’s not all he has. He even has a big black eyebrow that sets him apart from other dogs.

“There are so many reactions,” Charice says. “Some people are amazed, excited, surprised. People want to meet him.”

“Some assume I drew on his eyebrow with a permanent marker or worked on his face,” she explains.

Fortunately, regardless of any health deficiencies, Lucky enjoys excellent health, and he is also very happy to be cared for by someone who loves him inside and out.

“He is an affectionate person,” explains Charis. “He follows me around all the time.”

Lucky’s most outstanding quality, according to Charice, is his relationship with her, not his two-tone eyes or black eyebrows. She expects a happy life with this charming and handsome pup by her side.

“I think we’re going to have a really exciting and happy future,” Charis

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