Abandoned puppies find their dead mother in the Great Lonely Turtle!

In the animal world, it is not very common for two species of animals to socialise with each other. It is true that we can see various video clips on the internet of animals of different species being friends, mostly pets, forced to socialise and cooperate with each other.

This is a heart-warming story about puppies who lost their mother and, believe it or not, were adopted by a large 80-year-old sulcata tortoise named Goliath!

What a nice friendship!

But how did this unusual situation come about? You see, the little pups were found in a car park by Andrea, a woman who is a member of “2nd Chances Rescue”.
“A man arrived with a case of beer and these four puppies. “He said he found them in his backyard, but he couldn’t find their mother,” Andrea said.
Andrea picked up the puppies and brought them to the shelter. The little puppies needed a lot of time to get used to their new environment. They were constantly looking for their mother. The fear was more than obvious.
Andrea also took care of another pet, a turtle named Goliath. Andrea soon noticed something completely unusual! One day she noticed that one of the puppies was missing. After a long search, she finally found it in Goliath’s nest! Afterwards, she noticed something completely shocking. All the puppies were cuddling with the turtle as if she were their real mother. She gave them a feeling of security and in a way replaced their mother. The little puppies developed a completely inexplicable bond with this turtle. All the shelter staff were shocked by the sight.

“It seems that they found some kind of comfort in Goliath. – Said Andrea.

According to Andrea, the turtle enjoys the attention and contact. This friendship was not only positive for the cubs, but also for Goliath. The puppies got security and protection and the tortoise was relieved to have company.

Watch the video about this unusual friendship:

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